“to provide product solutions that work beautifully enabling our end-users to perform their tasks efficiently and with total confidence”


established in 2004 pomona® is new zealands most trusted and respected name in adhesive tapes, single use gloves and work protective clothing.

our experienced staff provide customers with excellent technical knowledge and commitment to drive product innovations and at the same time work together with industry specialists in creating practical, hygienic and environmentally conscious solutions.

our product range is tested and approved to the world’s highest standards. we pride ourselves on our great products, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.

through a vast nationwide distributor network we are able to offer our high quality products at competitive prices. we endeavour to develop strong, long lasting business to business relationships with our customers through careful consideration and understanding of their individual needs.

values &

  • respect

    we respect and value each other, our end users, our customers and all ‘people’ who participate with us in our

  • commitment

    we are committed to building and maintaining partnership relationships with all members of our business community.

  • celebrate

    we celebrate personal achievements and what we and our business partners accomplish together. we choose to embrace and enjoy life by being friendly, encouraging, positive, and appreciative.

  • integrity

    what we stand for, we stand behind. we are honest, transparent, trustworthy, and consistent in our behaviour. what we say we will do.